Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I do program in flash quite a lot over the past couple of years (6 to be exact) and the marketing for flash game design has sky-rocketed. It is a very large industry and is not effected by any current economic downfalls, making it very successful profession.

I've recently decided to incorporate ads in to my flashes and submit them to popular site. I have make and submitted flashes to websites in the past but only as a past time and I didn't try very hard. But I will try harder in the future. I will also be posting tutorials on this blog for general use by others.

I've never really got much into the animation business when in come to flash. I have done very much programming. So I will only be posting tutorials on what I know.

I will also make an attempt in the future to try actionscript 3.0 instead of what people are calling the slow and old actionscript 2.0


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